Monday, July 6, 2009


I'm so sorry I haven't written, but what's been going on has been too terrible/shocking/unbelievable to even mention until I've had some time to process it.  
I think the last time I posted, it was just before the big hoopla that we usually have in the neighborhood around the 4th of July.  Everyone was real excited, bbq, etc.  I was going to make a baked Alaska.  Well, the night of the 3rd, one of our neighbors, god rest her soul, was found dead in the creek behind the town.  I don't want to give her name yet, just because this seems to be a really cheap way to talk about it and I don't want her family to somehow find out on a blog, that would be too dreadful.  The worst part was that a couple of kids found her.  It was just awful.  But the weird thing was that she was exsanguinated, not drowned, or so the official report said.  In case you didn't know (and I had to look it up), that means that she was drained of all her blood!  No one even knows how that possibly could have happened, and we're all in a stupor/shock/I don't even know about it.  Luckily (and I say that with all due respect), she was single, no kids, so at least she didn't leave a family behind.  I don't even know if that's better or worse.
The police are on the case, thank god, and a couple of guys are just going and checking out some strange people living on the outskirts.  With that serial killer on the loose in South Carolina, you don't want to be too careful.   Now's not the time to be too PC, let me tell you.  
So, we're on red alert lockdown here at my house.  My husband is being particularly vigilant, and I'm wondering if it's the concern about our family or that other little thing I mentioned not long ago.  Who knows?  All I do is that I'm scared out of my wits over here and I want some answers!!!!

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