Wednesday, July 8, 2009


The service was indeed beautiful, a tribute to her soul which I know will reside in heaven.  Everyone from the town came out and my hubby and others patrolled the perimeter of the place for anything unusual.  I know it sounds a little vigilante, but we wouldn't want a terrorist blowing up the whole town in the blink of an eye.  Not that I think it was terrorism, but I feel like there's nothing we shouldn't be ready for at this point.   Nothing at all.  
The most incredibly moving thing about the service (besides the prayers, of course) was at the very end, one of the dogs started howling.  A very sad, mournful howl, just about how everyone felt.  Then, on cue, all of the other dogs in the neighborhood joined in.  I'll tell you, the only thing missing was if it had started raining.  It was real beautiful and real perfect.
But, the saddest part was that there was no one from her family that came.  I don't know if they knew, even (I surely didn't tell them), but we were the only ones, like a family.  Which is fine with me, but I wish she had someone.
I am still not convinced that my hubby is off the post trauma thing.  I just think that he maybe now has something to do with his time that makes sense.  I read up on a link and there seems to be a lot of things similar, but who knows?  I'm not a doctor.  Still hasn't adjusted to our time.  

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