Thursday, July 9, 2009

Back to normal?

I guess we're all trying to get back to normal after the ordeal.  We all believe now that it was not a serial killer, so that's good.  I think he would have struck again by now if he was.  Or maybe he was a serial killer and he's just moving on to a different town, to different people.  As long as he's not bothering me, that's all I care about!  It sounds selfish, I know, but what do you want?  I'm a mother.  I can't even think of something happening to the children, but even me, what would happen to them.  I'm all they have if my husband gets another job overseas.  Very sad, all of it.  But, we're just trying to move forward and not forget.  They'll be a tree planting ceremony this weekend and that'll be the final closure for everyone.  I just hope we can get it.
I even went to work today, although I don't think a tooth cleaning was super high on everyone's list of priorities.  Very empty, which was fine with me.  I just needed to sit and think anyways (don't worry, I did LOOK busy to the passer by).  Just about everything.  Life is really fragile.  I think I was shocked (heck, the whole town was) by the abruptness of the way that she died and the way that she died, but what we didn't realize was all the things we're supposed to, like we're mortal as well.  How to live our lives.  All of that came rushing through me and I have a couple of improvements I'd like to make.
1.  More time with family!  Always on my list.
2.  Get hubby off of weird sleeping schedule.   He needs to be productive again.
3.  This blog!  Try to be a "writer" that I'd like to.
4.  Maybe go back to school?  Hahahahaha that'll never happen.
5.  Call people more.

That's all I got so far...and I'd better get started!

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