Monday, June 15, 2009

Big Surprise!

Sorry I haven't written lately, I got some amazing (and a little confusing) news on Saturday.  It turns out my husband is coming back from Iraq as early as next week!   I can't help but be excited, but also I'm wondering what is going on.  It could be just for a visit, they do occasionally send them home as a treat.  I don't think he was fired (at least I hope not).  My big concern is that ever since those darned Blackwater guys (my hubby's not with Blackwater) got in all that trouble, that the so called private contractors (even thought they're in harm's way as much as anyone) are getting all the flack for everyone's screwups.  I hope the whole company didn't get kicked out or my husband got involved with something, that would be such a mess.  But, I have to think positive.  It could be just a lucky vacation and I'm getting all worked up for nothing.  Phones, e-mail, etc are few and far between, but I will let you know the details as I do.
Mainly--HE'S COMING HOME!!!!!

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