Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sex and the Small Town

As I am sure you were anxiously wondering, last night we did not go to "Up," nor did we eat said casserole that I made on Sunday.  I know you were up nights thinking on that one!  
My friend Samantha (and you'll find that funny in a minute when I tell you) dropped by with a steak dinner and a bottle of red wine.  Apparently her Chubby Hubby (and he is a chubby hubby for real hahahaha) "made too much steak."  In Bakersville, this is a common occurrence, especially since we have a lot of military families, private contractors, firemen, policemen, etc, where the wives are home alone.  A lot.  Samantha's husband is one such policeman and my husband mysteriously "grills too much" when her husband is on call.  It's very cute and funny.
So, anyways, being the summer, she brings her kids over (close enough in age) and an impromptu sleepover occurs.  We sit on the screened-in porch and eat our steak and drink the wine.  I only have one glass since I'm the only one with the kids and she finishes the whole bottle.  She's one of a group of four friends (see where I'm headed?) and we've all known each other since high school, some even earlier than that.  We try and have "girls night" at least once a month, and we're just like the girls in "Sex and the City."  All we do is talk about sex, drink and talk about our husbands.  It's so much fun.  So, Samantha and I had our mini-girls night, which was always a laugh riot.  
Samantha's actually pretty interesting because she brought her husband into town, where most people meet their husbands in town.  Miss Fancy Pants went to 2 years of college, enough to meet Bill and drag him back here.  I guess they call that an MRS degree hahahahaha.  He was studying to be a forensic criminal investigator (whatever the heck that means), but then came here and found his true calling--a cop.  I know them both pretty well and they have their share of problems, but overall, pretty happy.
No "Up" tonight either, but we are going to have the casserole.  

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