Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Last night, I officially got over any fears I had about my Chubby Hubby returning and got straight to being excited.  Then, I got straight to being terrified since, I hate to say, my housework has slipped (just a little) since he's been gone.  Not a staggering amount, but having no help with the kids, etc, has gotten it a little out of control.  Which is OK, I'm not completely freaking...yet.  Especially the kids' rooms, I don't have the energy to force a military clean policy (although they do make their beds every night).  But, that's their problem!  I have the rest of the house to worry about.  
So, last night, I decided I needed to get to it and start.  With only a little bit to go, it's not soon enough!  I have a redbud tree out in the backyard (think purple flowers).  Well, those purple flowers like to get ALL OVER the backyard.  That was my first task with the light I had left and I figure I'd tackle the house tomorrow (that means today--eek!)  It was such a beautiful night with the sun going down, not too many bugs (thanks to my candles) and the kids were inside doing god knows what (and I don't give a hoot).  I'm doing a good bit, almost done, when this HUGE coyote comes in the yard.  Now, I know wildlife and we have a lot of wildlife in my area, and I'm not scared of much, but this thing was a monster.  It looked like a wolf, but even bigger than that.  It was the single biggest coyote I ever did see.  Now, I told you I'm not scared of that kind of stuff, but when I saw him, you bet your britches I ran straight back into the house, hollering bloody murder and locking all the doors.  He wasn't menacing me or mean, in fact, he was just looking at me and he didn't have those beady eyes that coyotes usually have.  It was definitely the last straw in me WANTING MY HUBBY HOME!!!
Now, to the housecleaning.  And the shopping!   Steak dinners are in order. 

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