Thursday, June 11, 2009

Home Early!

I'm home early from my job at the dentist's office today.  All of our patients were done!  I guess with the economy, people don't have the money to go to the dentist as much, especially if they don't have dental insurance.  The only way we can go, really, is because I work for one, even though technically I guess he's not supposed to work on his employees.  But, who's going to check, the dental police?!?  
Speaking of weird things (I am imagining the dental police would be pretty weird hahahaha), I got a call from someone today asking for their dental night!  Isn't that the funnies thing you've ever heard?  First of all, does ANYONE, even in a big city, go to the dentist at night?  Secondly, doesn't this guy know he lives in Bakersville?!?  Too much!  I mean, really.
So....I was going to pick the kids up from camp early, but then I thought...hmmm...maybe not.  Nothing too exciting, I did some cleaning I've been meaning to do and caught a minute of Dr. Phil, which I usually like and catch in the evening, but the topic was kids and drugs which I could care less about.  Not that I don't have concern and everything for kids on drugs, but it's too depressing and frankly not my problem.
Time to go now!  Is my "me" time gone so fast already?

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