Thursday, June 18, 2009

Just a quick one

And I mean it this time!  I am SO busy with getting the house ready, you have no idea the work going into it right now.  It's insane!   Even the kids are running around like crazy people and to get them to do anything, you know it must be important.  Now, I'm just counting the days, getting everything ready, usually I have more time to prepare.  But, it has been a madhouse.
Nothing from Hubby, though, since he said he was coming back.  Not an e-mail or phone call.  He must be running around crazy too, I guess!  No rest for the wicked, let me tell you that.  And the flight he has to take--I swear, everyone thinks the private contractors have it made, but I'm here to tell you that they do not.  I believe it's literally 24 hours travel time.  And that's with no problems.
That damned coyote came back again today.  This time, I thought I'd take action.  At first, I thought I'd shoot it, but then I wouldn't know what to do with the body of it, it's so damned big.  I suppose Bill could come over and take care of it.  Then I thought about Animal Control, but who am I kidding, they don't help nobody.  So, I just closed the door again and it just looked at me.  I thought about throwing a rock, but with the kids and all....
Countdown!  Say a ton of prayers that I get everything done...

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