Monday, June 22, 2009


How sweet it is.  You forget, really, when your man is gone, how nice it is to have him home.  I love caring for the kids, of course, but there's something extra special about everything when he comes home.  You feel like your life has a fullness that you didn't have before.  Again, I feel that way when my kids are gone, too, not to diminish what they do, but it is different when the chubby hubby comes home.  :)
He actually got to come home for a little bit of Father's Day, which was AMAZING.  We knew that he was going to possibly come, so we had everything prepared, with a sign and presents that the kids made and everything.  I got him a couple of things, razor, shaving cream, and I cooked a huge steak dinner which I kept warming.  The kids were pissed that they couldn't do their usual wolfing down of the food, but I kept it pretty good with them, they were just so excited for their Daddy to come home.  This weekend, we're going to throw a big party, but last night was just for us.
Around 9pm (yes, the kids were sleepy as heck), he strolled in the door like he'd never been gone.  My heart was racing and I know my kids' was too.  I let them run to him first, even though I was chomping at the bit to see him.  Finally I ran over, was wrapped in his big, muscular arms, and everything was okay.  We kissed and hugged and laughed and both cried a little and we all hugged as a family.  My hubby comes and goes with his work and it is always a miracle when he returns.  He loved the dinner and the gifts and we ate until midnight.  The kids went to bed and we had our private time, which is always a little awkward at first, but when we remember each other, it is amazing again.
He's all screwed up with the jet lag, so he was up until the butt crack of dawn this morning.  When I woke up at 5am, he was still up, watching TV, but went to bed right before the sun came up.  Today, he's just been around the house, putzing round, already fixing stuff!  Such a welcome relief.

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