Wednesday, June 24, 2009

You Just don't know...

Oh, pooh!  I just wrote this whole blog about all of this stuff and it got deleted!  What the heck just happened?!?!  I'm so mad!
The gist of it is that my hubby and I got to talking last night, as much as we do, and he's seen some stuff where he is.  That everyone over there is forgotten by us americans and the private contractors are the most reviled of them all.  We stayed up late into the night talking about all of everything.  I can tell it's tough for him and that I hope me and the kids are going to be enough for him to move on from the challenging experience that he just had.  I sure hope so (and I do think it will be).  But, boy, there's a war going on there, people!  Don't you forget it!  And don't hate the private contractors because they're making more money.  Most of them are service boys trying to make a buck for their families.  They have the same goals as you do--freedom and the American way.
Boy, am I tired.  With the talk and hubby clomping around last night, not much time for sleeping!

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