Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I think I might have been all wrong about everything, as I sometimes am.  :)  Last night, my husband was his right self again, and in a big way.  We had a wonderful family dinner, where he was laughing and playing with the kids as if he'd never been gone.
Remember that coyote that has been in the backyard.  Well, my Chubby Hubby took right good care of him last night.  It was very strange, like he sensed him.  And silly me, I thought he was having a war flashback or something.  I can be not the brightest bulb sometimes.  He runs outside after grabbing the shotgun off the wall and dispatches this thing within seconds.  I mean, my husband is a SHOT.  One of the things I l-o-v-e about him.  I'll be damned if that thing wasn't bigger than he was.  And he just dragged it off to, well, somewhere, who knows?  Who cares!  Problem solved.
The REAL problem solved.  My protector, my lover, the father of my children is finally, finally home.

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